We woke up really early, surprise day finally arrived! Today we are going first to Osaka, Universal Studios, and then to Nara, to visit deer park. I am sooo excited for both things. Universal Studios is gonna be my first theme park ever! We are not even sure if we can do both things in just one day, but since we are here we have to try.

Hello Universal Studios!

Cues in Japan are normal thing, but it is first time for me to see so many people waiting to get in.

This place is huge, and it is city within city!

We had to be really fast to get to some rides.

Our first and best ride was Spiderman, it was so realistic and fun!

Then I met these little guys, I love them!

Kawaii monsters were after me all the time.

Hello Kitty as well.

It was big fun to walk around Studios, everything looked for real!

After we did some rides and walked a lot around, we had to leave. I was tired anyway, so it was good time to go.

Now, this place. Nara deer park is home to ver 1200 wild sika deer that are considered national natural treasure.

Everyone is feeding them as deer crackers are for sale around the park, and some deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed.

What we didn’t know is that deers can be really aggressive if they see that you have lots of food.

Usually, they take what they can get and move on, but some of them were going so far as to bite the hands while feeding them.

So, we had to run away from the group of deers, and we were playing just with one.

As we had food, this one was following us around.

So yes, just this one was my friend. Other one bite me.

After couple of hours we went away. This was one short but enjoyable trip.