Guess what? We are going to Tokyo, once again!  Two times in one year!  And just to explain – it happened to everyone, once they visit Japan, they wanna get back. And fact that my big brother is there is making me sad and lonely so I really want to get back. Mom and I are going alone this time, and it is gonna be just Tokyo. Daddy will join us after (even if he didn’t wanna get back like us). At the end Japan mesmerised even him. Mom was a bit worried at first, doing such a big trip alone with me, but knowing that Tokyo is safest city in the world and being there once before she decided that we are fine. I am so happy to get back, so far Tokyo is my favourite place on Earth!

I am so ready for this.

It is a long way to Japan.

All over continent.

I am mostly sleeping.

But I am not in great shape, I cough a bit and I hope I don’t get any worse.

After almost 14 hours in the air here we are once again!

And on the airport – robots and Super Mario!

And then quickly to hotel, to meet my big brother!

Moment of pure love and happiness!

From now on, I will be his shadow!

This time my big brother knows much more about Japanese food and he is taking us to try Tonkatsu, pork cutlet.

I have Ebi shrimp, but  then I tried Tonkasu, and I loved it. Being really picky when it comes to food, it was jackpot! Dish that from now on I will always ask for.

Next morning we are on our own, Karlo is at school, I am in  Japanese mood wearing face mask not to spread my viruses, and we are about to check new building on the block, Shibuya Sky and it’s observatory deck on the top.

Just five months ago Shibuya Sky building wasn’t here, and now we are at 46th floor, 229 meters above and enjoying panoramic view of Tokyo.

It is scary how big this city is!

We spent bit of time here, enjoying sun and views.

Getting out we did photo montage over Shibuya crossing deciding to get back once again to experience sunset.

And this is sunset time! With orange Mount Fuji.

Big, big city.

All around…

Tokyo tower looks really close from up here.

And there is Shibuya of course.

And I got another souvenir photo with my brother.

Other day we are meeting Karlo in his new neighbourhood and exploring it, Koenji area.

Getting to this cute bar.

Place that you can find only here.

And it is not even made for kids!

Even mom had fun here.

I loved everything here.

Being hungry, we ordered food for me. And this is what I got! It is burger, just for record :)

Moving to Nakano, area that mom liked a lot.

Finding a Korean barbecue restaurant..

This is place that we visited couple of times, cause food was delicious, even for me!

And funny thing is that you have to prepare it yourself.

This was Korean, but plenty of them are Japanese, with different meat cuts. Both are great and yummy!

And then after dinner, we went to see this very part of Nakano, Nakano Broadway, is my favourite now.

This place is my dream place.

So many things for me.

Almost like Akihabara. And just after I learned that Nakano Broadway is called Mini Akihabara.

And maybe even better for me, cause it is much closer to our hotel and less busy.

Inside, there is Mandarake shop, with more than 30 different stores.

Mandarake was established in 1987 as a pre-owned comic dealer in Nakano Broadway building. Now it is one of the biggest and busiest manga and anime place in the world.

This is Henya store, Featuring Fushimi-Inari-esque torii gates leading into the actual store.

There is no enough words or pictures to describe this place.

Henya holds countless antique toys and games, vintage sign boards, and more.

As I understand, this place buys and resells Japanese pop culture merchandise.

Starting with this dolls…

Where you can assemble them all by yourself.

Some of them are really expensive.

And eyes?

So many things!

And so many comics.

These people must be “Anime Otaku”. Otaku Culture is one of the most famous Japanese pop cultures worldwide as well as Kawaii Culture, and Otaku is the people who are obsessed with some pop cultures such as manga and anime. If you are an Otaku who loves Japanese anime, then you are “Anime Otaku”.

This place is so big and interesting to explore that we returned couple of times.

Most of the items are from the pre-World War II era through the ‘80s.

So, just to explain to, you how big and popular this Otaku culture is here in Japan, some of these figures costs almost 1000 dollars. 1000! Dollars!

1600 dollars!

My mom found this section pretty bizarre.

Pictures of Japanese idols, I suppose, Idols are very popular here.

on the same floor we found this really cool retro bar, but we couldn’t get in, it seemed to be just for members.

And then we found Takashi Murakami, Japanese contemporary artist flowers.

And coffee shop!

With cute sofas.

After all of this I can say that I am a Weeaboo – person who enjoys Japanese culture specifically, and the Japanese people. And who wouldn’t?