So, we are leaving city and going to Krabi, southern Thailand, place packed with beautiful sandy beaches and small islands. We were checking it on internet and it truly looks amazing. We gonna spend 6 days around, with no any strict timetable, and mom is already panicking cause she thinks that 3 days of doing nothing in some hotel resort is more than enough, otherwise we will be bored. I don’t think so.

Time for Krabi!

Royal treatment since arrival.

Entrance to our hotel is just wow!

Wow wow and wow! Mom and dad say that this is best hotel ever. It is in top 3 hotels that we visited. Actually, it is our first resort ever.

Beach in front of the resort doesn’t look promising.

I was told that after last tsunami everything changed.

Anyways. Who needs beach with pool like this?

I think I will survive.

Our first afternoon we will spend right here. After busy and hot Bangkok this is what we needed.


Entire place is just fantastic! I went around and there were lot of things to do.

I found these beautiful ladies and they are gonna teach me how to fold lotus flower leafs.

Lotus is sacred flower to Buddhist and Hindus, used in rituals and ceremonies.

The lotus is usually white or pink, but we had different ones here.

This is my first try, and I am a fast learner!

I am good. really good.

And I made a new friend. Sam is working in hotel and we liked each other a lot.

We are feeding fishes and she is showing me around a place.

It’s sunset time, they called us to bar to enjoy the view.

Beautiful first day in most amazing hotel in dreamy Thailand.