Zagorje, Croatia

First ever post from my home country, Croatia. We travel a lot through Croatia,  mostly on islands and some remote places, but this is first tour that we did like proper tourists from abroad.
Zagorje is continental part of Croatia, and as mom has family here, she took me for the second time to meet them and around Zagorje.
Dad keeps telling that Zagorje is like Italian Tuscany, just much closer, and much cheaper. I loved it last time, and I loved it even more this time and  for me this is one of the best trips that we had. Nature, green, animals, fresh air, museums and castles –   all things that I love.

First things first.

Trakoscan castle.

There is path up to the castle.

They told us that this one is the most beautiful around here and we believe them.

As it is not allowed to take photos I can’t show you nothing but these.

They were filming some documentary and I was allowed to have a photo with actors.

Just today when I don’t wear any dress!

We explored entire castle and it was very interesting.

Surroundings are amazing.

Beautiful nature.

There is a lake in the bottom.

Too bad that we didn’t have time to explore this area better, but we decided to come back soon.

This is the place that we have been running to.

Dreamy Vuglec Breg.

Small pension houses placed on the Zagorje Hill.

With outdoor activities, restaurant, vinery…

Horse riding.


Tennis court.


Little Dario.

And most amazing views.

And lounge spot.

So, this was our house.

It is house in Zagorje style.

I liked it immediately.

I was happy to have my own room.

And I made it mine.

So, this place has it all, my parents says.

We loved the food! Traditional food from this area. Food that my grandma does at home.

And then this!

We explored every part of it.

At the end we just chilled…

Next morning I had a little new friend to play with.

I wanted to ride horse, and it was mom of this little silly, Dario.

Sometimes he would even bite me, just to try how do I taste.

But he was too cute.

And too funny.

Another friend of mine, Lola <3

I could of stay all day here like this. My dad too.

But mom had plans for us.

This! Krapina Neanderthal Museum. Second time here. I don’t remember last time at all.

But I have photo album from the last visit and I know for this place. As it is not allowed to take photos, we gonna show you photos that we took last time – until they warned us not to take them.

Pssst! We took just this one.

This small museum has actual site where hundreds human fossil bones were found.

Hello my old friends.

We are leaving this site and driving to some village. Views from the car are amazing.

This entire village is actually museum.

At first look seems normal.

But houses inside are frozen in time.

And some of them were really creepy if you ask me.

This one.

Or this one.


I saw some old crafts for real.

And some fake, creepy again.

Misko was fun.

As two of us as well.

We got rainbow back to Vuglec breg for goodbye.

Kissed Lola before going.

And had a look over beautiful green hills.

Took photo of our amazing house.

And promised Lola to come back soon.

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  1. Michelangelo Andreani

    Hola Maia
    Te ves hermosa y grande en todas las fotos
    Te mando besos y abrazos desde Chile
    Saludos a tus papas

    Tio Michi

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