I am almost 2 years now, and we go to Sicily – this is gonna be foodie trip for mom and dad. We will be visiting mostly green markets (3 major in city of Palermo), exploring city Palermo and bit of villages and places around it. It is July and it is very very hot, not the best time for this kind of trip. Hopefully we will return to Sicily in the future, because we liked what we saw, and there is much much more to see.

Traveling like a pro.

Ciao Palermo!

Big busy city.

And extremely hot in the summer. I was looking for the shade al the time.

We escaped from hot city to Solunto, an ancient Hellenistic town ​​, near Palermo.

This place is archaeological site of great historical interest, and I had fun walking around.

Those ancient people surely knew how to pick location for cities!

After this short history lesson we had small road trip inside Sicily. We loved nature here and its colours.

We stopped in Cefalù, an attractive historic town and seaside resort. We had swim here and we enjoyed sun, sand and sea.

Cefalù itself is very charming town.

Next days we are walking through Palermo and it’s green markets.

Our guide is Vicenzo, local chef, with him mom and dad will prepare some local specialities.

Vicenzo is not just all about food, he is showing us some historical sites as well

There are approximately 450 churches in Palermo, he said, and this one was on our way so we got in.

I had to rest for a moment. This looked like a good place.

While I was taking afternoon nap in the stroller, mom and dad were cooking with Vicenzo.

They prepared lots of food, and they liked the best Caponata and this one, Pesto Ericino.

At the end they eat everything!

Mom and dad were on the mission to try as much as possible street food, as Palermo is famous for that kind of food. They started well.

Trying everything.

And things that they didn’t like.

Like this one… Looked good. But they spited it when no one was looking.

Same story.

And I? I had some crackers.

Great Palermo, with small cute donkey in the city!

After a long hot day and deserved bath in the hotel…

I was ready to get back home. Arrivederci Sicila, Ritornerò!