Morning after our arrival, hotel is organising free boat trip to nearby island Koh Hong. It’s a 45 minutes ride with typical long tail boat. Koh Hong is part of National Park and it’s only open for day visits with no overnight stays allowed. So, this is gonna be our first sandy beach, and I am very excited!

It’s a beautiful day, even though in forecast was rain today.

I am waiting for crew to get together.

AAaand, here we go!

This boats are very different from the ones I see in my home country.

They call them rua hang yao – that means long-tail boats and coasts of Krabi are packed with them. They are on every post card and every beach around here.

On the way to the sandy beach we are visiting lagoon, can’t remember if they call it blue or green,but it looks pretty green to me.

Colours here are just wow.

Family photo without lifejackets. Otherwise, they are insisting on them, with reason.

Entrance to this lagoon is narrow, yet lots of boats are getting in, all the time.

Getting to the sandy beach. For the moment not too many boats, not too much people.

We are gonna spend couple of hours here.

For me, it is perfect!

After some time it is getting really busy. Boats just keep coming.

As well as people.

And beach is getting full.

Time to get back to hotel pool.

Beach was nice, but this pool bar is not bad as well.

This is still best place to spend hot lazy afternoon.


Next morning we are up early, it is time for second boat trip. This time with proper motor boat, as we are going further and we are gonna spend entire day on the sea. Our destination is Phi Phi Don, island in Ko Phi Phi archipelago that consists of 6 islands in total, and Phi Phi Don is the biggest one and the only one inhabited. On the way we gonna see some stunning beaches and places. So let’s go!

After yesterday good sleep was needed!

And of course, good breakfast is essential.

Islands here are so different from those in my home county. These are little jungles in the sea.

Scenery is dreamy.

Our first stop is gonna be on Nui Bay.

As we are approaching the beach we are realising that it is probably gonna be just us there,  and that makes us happy!

Touch down.

Now you see what I am talking about!

And for more than one hour this beach is gonna be ours, just ours!

I had such a good time here, swimming and even more playing around.

I loved everything about this beach.

Water is so warm and crystal, and beach is like from the movies.

This is paradise on earth!

When boats started to arrive we decided to leave.

Good bye dreamy place, so far most beautiful beach of my life.

Our next dreamy place is Wang Long lagoon. Colourful lagoon with nicest green shades I have ever seen.

There is narrow channel to get in. And our captain keeps insisting on photographing us. Why?

As we had great time on the first beach we don’t we don’t wont to spoil that experience by swimming on some other busy beach, so we are leaving it.

This behind me is Maya Bay, mom told me that it was really famous for some movie.

This beach  was packed with tourists for years and they were ruining it and polluting it,  for that reason it is closed for public now. Didn’t know that you can close the beach. Mom says that this is best decision ever, because people really don’t take care about nature.

It looks nice. But I still prefer our first beach.

But I do like the fact that this beautiful piece of heaven has same name like I do.

Now I understand. This is boat with tourists and it’s huge!

Ao Pille or Pille bay is our next stop.

It’s around midday, and all places are busy with boats and tourists.

Sure it is beautiful. But we don’t wanna stop here.

Just around the corner is Viking Cave.

There are bird nests inside this cave, and these edible nests are prized in Chinese culture as are believed to promote good health and to be specifically good for the skin.

And now, we are getting close to Monkey beach, I am so excited!


There are all around.

We are just watching on them, as they can be dangerous and bite.

With boats packed with tourists mom is giving me a lesson (again) about plastic and planet pollution.

We left monkeys as now we are really close to Phi Phi Don

Island with no roads. Whaaat?

Photo time

Quick drink before going back to hotel.

Just now I feel really tired.

It was matter of seconds.

Once again, we gonna finish our day by hotel pool.

And then, I met a girl, Bella from Brazil.

We are gonna do some bag painting workshop together.

This was very good day.