It would be really bad not to make one entire post with lots of photos of this magic place. This beach is half hidden along the north coast of  Krabi province, just in the front of our resort, (there are 5 resorts in total on the beach), it is quiet and extraordinary pretty, and it is (still) not that popular among tourists. It is perfect place to relax and recharge batteries. At the beginning mom thought that we gonna be bored in place like this…but truth is, you can’t get enough of it! I loved every tiny bit of this sandy paradise. It is perfect for walks, or chill, or if you want to go and explore nearby islands – there are long-tail boats all around… We already know that this beach is gonna be our beach again when and if we get back one day to Krabi.


This beach and our green resort were perfect combination!

Our last afternoon was rainy and sad. Just like us.

Before leaving Sam took photo of us.

And I took photo with Sam.

Hope to get back soon here.