Even though it is still not proper time of  紅葉 , koyo and mojimi,  phenomenon of changing autumn colours, this time we decided to visit some of Tokyo’s gardens and parks. Last time we have been in Shinjuku Goen and Yoyogi, and we enjoyed  them  a lot, and even if they were closer to our hotel, we decided to visit Rikugien Garden,  located in the Bunkyo ward that is considered Tokyo’s most beautiful Japanese landscape garden. Rikugien literally means “six poems garden” and reproduces in miniature 88 scenes from famous poems. This Edo-period , strolling garden is  covering ten hectares  and gives to visitors a views of a variety of charming sceneries, including a large pond with islands, and a hill covered with a dense grove of ancient trees.

Heading north of Shibuya.

Getting in, and it looks promising!

This place is gonna be fun to explore, I can feel it.

And it looks amazing!

I enjoyed walking on the stones in little ponds.

Everywhere you look is just wow!

First time that we see something like this.

It is kmomaki, are straw belts, also known as waramaki, wrapped around trees during winter in Japan to protect them against pests.

Fukiage Chaya teahouse along the pond’s northwestern shore is a nice place to take a rest and have some tea

Mom adores green matcha tea, and this time she got wagashi served with it (traditional Japanese confections made of mochi, anko (azuki bean paste) and/or fruits)

I am fine with some water.

Get ready to walk a lot. By now I got really tired.

But the view from the top of this small hill is really nice.

And in some parts of the garden we could see autumn colours.

Then just when I decides to sit down and take a rest…

Mom made me go there…

I can imagine all this when it’s full autumn, it must be magical.

Cant wait to visit it next time!

Second park that we are visiting is Hamarikyu Gardens,  a public park in Chūō ward,  located at the mouth of the Sumida River.

This park is great example of Tokyo’s contrasts – green area and skyscrapers of the adjacent Shiodome district.

The Hama-rikyu Gardens are built around a central pond.

These seawater ponds are changing  level with the tides.

Just here we realised that there is Tokyo water bus with route from Asakusa to Hamarikyu, cruise that takes about 35 minutes.

Japanese are shaping pines with poles and ropes to achieve a perfect form. This is first time we see it.

That’s why, all the trees in these gardens looks perfect.

At the centre of Shio-iri Pond is a teahouse, reached by three bridges, where visitors can enjoy refreshments, such as matcha and Japanese sweets, in the tea-ceremony style.

Overall, this is really well maintained and tranquil park, located near the old Tsujiki fish market… But if you ask me, I loved first one better.