Finally, Sardinia.  We’ve been listening stories about this magical island and it’s beaches, clear sea and genuine food for a long time. Dad was here time ago, and he promised to mom, time ago as well, to bring her here… But never happened. Till now. It is end of August, and we have family gathering, wedding in Sardinia, and I feel it’s gonna be lots of fun! Two days before trip I had severe laryngitis and mom wasn’t sure if we need to travel, but at the end she decided to take all medicines with us, and to make me swim in the sea a lot, so sea water helps me to cure. So, Sardegna, here we come!

Our airport selfie

Not being well these days exhausted me.

But seeing our destination makes me happy and ready again!

Waiting for our bags.

And getting in our new home where we will gonna wait for my Nona to join us.

First day and first beach! It looks gorgeous. This is Cala Spinoza, and if you ask me, this was best beach that we’ve been.

There is a narrow path going down but it’s worth a walk.

Clearest sea ever!

And stunning scenery.

And sand? Just wow, nice and shiny, I enjoyed it a lot!

Beaches in Sardinia in summer season are fully packed, but we had luck. It’s last week before school starts and part of tourists left already.

And this? Fishes like in Caribbean sea? Never saw something like this!

I had so much fun!

When we got hungry we decided to go up and to eat and drink something.

Not easy to climb.

But views from up are just wow!

Even mom admitted that this is best sea ever, and she likes just ours, Adriatic sea.

Bar on the top is beautiful as well.

So nice here that I decided to take some photos.

And now food.

I am not convinced.

Day is fading with a walk through small town of Santa Teresa Gallura, at the northern end of Sardinia where we are located.

Next day we are meeting our friends and relatives on another beach.

Porto Pollo beach is place for wind surfers.

And it’s packed!

I had great time with my relatives here.


Adults had good time too.

Had great time with tio Ricardo!


After beach adults just want to eat, so I got ready for dinner.

This was one big big dinner!

Mom and dad loved the food. I, not so much.

Next days we visited different beaches. This one wasn’t so nice just because it was cloudy.

But I had fun anyway.

Other beautiful beach.

Spiaggia La Licciola, and it was almost empty!

In the meantime i did some horse riding as well.

Just on the entrance of the town there is small ranch with horses.

Nothing fancy, but enough for me.

I had nice ride around.

And I loved it.

At the end I met owner’s son Nelson, and he introduced me to his horses.

Finally a big wedding day arrived.

We all went to old tower in the town.


There is happy couple.

But I was with my best couple, Pablo and Kelly.

And afterwards, on dinner as well.

Dinner was at one local Agrotourismo, place with good Sardinian food.

Oh, the food. I loved this one!

And then this! Sardinian pork, most famous and delicious one!

After some time it was too late for me.

Next day we have boat trip and we are going to Corsica, French island that is just across Sardinia.

This place is magical like Sardinia.

We gonna explore it a bit.

After this much sun lunch on the boat is great idea.

And it was really good.

Jumping into fish party was best thing ever!

And then after all, on the way back, I just had enough of it.

Next day as well, until we arrived home, same old story.