Time to leave Krabi, time to leave Thailand and go home, but before we have 3 more nights in Bangkok, on our way back. We enjoyed easy going vibe of Krabi so much that we doubt in this frenetic city vibe.. but… Bangkok is crazy and fun, and there is lot of things to do and see. It is different, but good different :)
First magnificent thing was our hotel! W Bangkok had funky vibe and everything you could wish for, even more!

So hello, W! What is that?

Nothing, just best pillows ever!

And bathroom!

This is just for me!

And this for mom and dad.

And the pool! This is gonna be fun!

Hello strange building that I see from our room!

You remember secret for happy travels? One day parents, one day me? Today is my day.

This is Asiatique, night market in riverfront, and should be fun for all of us.

This place has bit of everything for everyone.


Lots of them.

And fun.

Like this one that I loved a lot!

And more fun.

And then, you can guess – food.

This place has it all. Some nice stuff…

..and some strange stuff. I don’t even wanna know about it.

Even squids look different.

Diversity of food here is really amazing.

Strangest thing ever was this crocodile, ready to be eaten.

It looked horrible, but here is very popular because the meat of crocodile is believed to cure allergies & itches.

Of course we didn’t try it, instead we had some small bites in company of our newly made foodie friends.

And then one ice cream for good night, it is enough for today.

Sooo happy to be in on the road again, and this time we are well prepared.

Bangkok is making me tired.. Or it is me, doing to many things in one day?

Today, we are doing some adults stuff.

We are visiting Jim Thompsons house and garden. They told me story about him, and how he was into Thai silk business, but most interesting was the way he disappeared, and no one knows what happened to him.

This garden, is like Eden garden, I loved it so much!

I didn’t want to leave it.

To get to his house, we had to take our shoes off, cause this house remained preserved for years.

No photos in the house, just at the entrance.

After quick tour through the house, we stopped in the front, and I was curious to see what are these ladies doing.

It is my first time to see something like this! These little things are cocoons of Thai silkworms. So, silk is made of this!

There are worms living in this cocoons, and if they are all not out,  the cocoon is put into boiling water, which kills the worm and allows the cocoons to be unwind and spun into a thicker thread of silk that is useable for weaving.

Next step is dyeing or colouring silk treads.

Colours are amazing!

Now, it’s time to make fabrics.

This beautiful girl is making it right now.

I offered my help, and it was fine.

When time to leave arrived I’ve got some strange paper presents.

And Maia written in Thai!

Straight after Jim Thompson’s house we are going to Ocean world, big aquarium in Siam Discovery shopping mall.

But on the way there we got distracted with strange objects outside the mall.

Mom explained me that big exhibition is going on inside, so we went to check it.

Strange art, but i loved it!

I love exhibitions of all kinds, especially ones I can participate in.

Best thing so far was this one.

Big cocoon that you can get in and explore.

And now, finally… Place for me!

Beautiful aquarium with lots of animals, colourful and interesting.

I had great time here.

We spent less than an hour here but it was enough for me… We had to leave as there is more of Bangkok to see.

Nights in Bangkok are busy and wild.

And our night is reserved for China town.

Streets here are looking even more busy.

Cars, shops, people, food, lights.. It’s crazy!

We had some quick food and drinks around here.

And then we had some drinks in nice bar with nice music.

Mom had strange drink with food in it.

This is where I made big mistake. I tried these snacks.

Big mistake! It was sooo spicy!

That was it for tonight. Ya is taking us to hotel. This was very long day.