Tomorrow night we are leaving Thailand.  We are non stoping and for me is a bit to much, so today we gonna have half day to rest and relax. For the morning mom planed to see Chao Praya river wit its khlongs. Actually, we wanted to see one floating market, and we did see one, but not the right one, so at the end mom was slightly disappointed, but for me all was good. I was happy with what I saw.

We did tour, wrong one, with Thai family. They were ok, but tour wasn’t.

When we just started our trip, I was seeing just big shiny buildings.

Some of them were too shiny.

And too strange.

As we were going more in, things started to change.

On our way we saw some Chinese temples.

Fun and colourful.

We were been able to see famous Grand Palace as well.

And beautiful Wat Arun, Temple of dawn.

This one was Wat Pho, Temple that we visited first days in Bangkok.

And then, things started to change drastically.

We experienced mix of everything here -old and new, poor and rich, spiritual and material.

Lady approaching to our boat, making us to buy some stuff that we actually don’t need.

But we diid it for her, even though she was overpriced comparing to other places.

River was very dirty. Mom explained me that lot of this khlongs – channels, were closed and drained due to cholera in the past.

But what was left was enough to understand us how people used and how they still live here.

And it is strange mix of everything.

Our boat driver gave us 30 minutes on what he called floating market.

Maybe it was called like that, but it wasn’t, as we haven’t see single boat on it.

And it was pretty much empty.

Anyway, we were hungry, and food here was nice and cheap.

At least something. But mom was really disappointed with this.

And dad was really happy with this.

Way back to hotel was colourful again.

But river got really busy with boats.

For me it was boring and too long at the end.

Thats why, straight after this tour, we went to Unicorn caffe, place that we saw in the street next to out hotel.


Dream place for me!

There is a shop on the other side as well, and it is cutest shop ever!

Back in hotel we decided to spend afternoon by the pool.

We got invitation for the pool party.

I must admit I had lot of fun.

Mom and dad as well.

I made some friends.

And just when I started to have proper fun, they asked as to leave.

Well, I was the smallest one here they told me.

Our last morning was reserved for biggest weekend market in Bangkok, Chatuchak.

It is not just biggest market in Bangkok, it is the biggest Asian market as well.

We spent entire morning here, and we were sorry that we didn’t buy all or souvenirs here.

Here, you have it all!

We spent just morning here, and it wasn’t enough at all. This place needs entire week.

Back in hotel, just before leaving we sent some postcards to friends and family.

And we were ready to leave.

I loved this hotel as much as I loved Thailand and Bangkok.

And tuk tuk. I hope we will be back soon.