Just two days after returning from Copenhagen we are on the road again! We are flying to New York, with daddy’s miles, and we are flying in business class and I am over excited for that – while mom is panicking anyway because she is short with time to repack us all for this new trip.
This is gonna be  my second time in New York, but I was to little last time so I don’t remember a single thing and for me this is a trip to a new place. Just like last time, my nonna is going with us, so I will have lots of fun and mom and dad will be able to get out at night alone.
I have been told that I will need to walk a lots, and so I did, first day we did 14112 steps, and in total it was more than 92169 steps, not counting times when mom was without her cell phone to count them. Trust me, it was way too much for me, and even with cabs and subway I needed to walk all the time. But I did it. And I am happy because we saw and did lots of things.

Aaaand so, this is business class!

I am gonna celebrate it like adults. With a free drink!

I arrived to New York really tired. I haven’t slept on the plane, I was way too excited.

But in hotel I am like a new again.

And soon we gonna get out to check where we are.

And grab something to eat.

This is a firs thing I noticed. That’s a lot of of empty cans!

Next morning everything looks different.

Our first ride is with yellow taxi, and we are going to Central park Zoo.

This was one small and extremely cute Zoo.

I was taking photos.

…of these two guys, they are stars of the Zoo!

And Miss Alpaca outside.

And these cute sheeps as well.

And silly goats!

I had some fun by myself outside.

As Zoo in in the Central park…

We explored Central Park as well.

And this was longest walk of all days.

This park is extremely big.

We walked a lot and did just tiny part of it.

Great thing about it that every now and then you can have some fun on the playground.

Spring is just arriving here.

And New Yorker’s dogs have shoes for walking! Strangest thing ever.

We liked this street performers music, as he was playing famous Sinatra’s New York song – the one that we listen in our kindergarten!

I found beautiful this green jungle inside the city!

And all this looong walk..

To get here. Guggenheim museum.

I loved its shape as I could run really fast up and down.

Didn’t like the paintings like mom did.

But I loved sculptures!

After museum we are at the Chinatown, other place that I can’t remember from last visit to New York.

I found it interesting.

Bright and shiny, just like I love it!

Mom took us to this park, explaining that this one is like a living room for Chinese people that live around.

And people were playing and chilling here, spending lots of free time.

China town is next to Little Italy, other famous NY neighbourhood, so we walked there, of course.

And as we love Italian food, we stoped for some pasta. Yummy!

So, one moment I am taking selfies with mom..

..having fun…

Next moment I am completely gone.

14112 steps done, at least 77757 yet to do.

Next day is our first time New York subway.

Of course I am super excited about it.

We are going to explore Brooklyn.

Last time we saw Brooklyn bridge from the State Island trip boat, this time mom wanted to see it closer, and maybe even walk on the other side.

But first, some NY food.

Then the bridge.

And posing.

View on the other side is like from the movies.

That is all she’s gonna get from bridge as we didn’t want to walk it.

We decided to take other way.

On our way to Broadway late afternoon!

We have booked theatre show, The Lion King!

First time Broadway for all of us.

And mom said that this was best show she saw ever in her life. It was too good.

We were full of impressions – music, actors, costumes… Everything was wow!

After theatre they took me to this place.

What is this place?

I saw everyone and everything here.

And sooo many lights and electronic billboards.

And wow!

Just too much of everything!

Next day same location, different attraction.

As it is raining all day and outdoor activities are out of question, we are enjoying Gulliver’s gate, miniature cities and landscapes from all around the world.

This was so good as we saw some places where we’ve been.

Like little Venice

Or mom’s favourite, Rome.

Or mine favourite, London!


Places that we wanna see, like this one.

Or this one.

And yes, this one!

And places that we gonna visit very soon.

And lots of other places around the world that I don’t know yet.

But I would love to see them.

It was nice to see how people work here.

If you ask me, great job!

I wanted to do something as well.

Then dad realised that they can make me like this.

So they took 360 degrees photo of me. I am still waiting for my figurine to be delivered home.

Getting out from here we were in same place from yesterday.

And some shops.

Disney store.

Yellow cabs and shiny lights again.

But on the way back to hotel  jet leg still was stronger then I.

Next day we are lucky, sun is shining, it’s a perfect day to visit Coney Island.

We just realised here how lucky we are, it’s opening of amusement park today, and all rides are cheap.

Let’s start!

Happy days!

That is massive! And i fully enjoyed it. I forgot about Copenhagen’s Tivoli mistake.

When it got really full we decided to leave and find some food.

And there in restaurant, we saw how full the beach there used to be!

This pizza that they made for us must be from that times.

Next day we are doing Top of Rockefeller Centre, we did it last time, but I can’t remember.

What a view!


I took some photos as well.

In the bottom of the centre I found Ice Rink.

30 minutes was more then enough.

Because we are so close to MoMa, Museum of the modern Art and we needed to walk to it.

All way through these gigantic buildings.

That are making me look even smaller.

MoMa was nice.

I wish I was with my kindergarten here!

Selfie for end.

And some beautiful New York parks on the way back to hotel.

I love these parks.

Guess what? It is already our last day here.

We visited Oculus, part of World Trade Memorial Centre.

Strange building.

And then this huge pool with lots of names written on it.

I’ve been told that this is footprint of building that was bombed years ago, and names on the pool are the victims that died.

Lots of people visiting this place.

And for us, it is time to leave New York.

It was fun.