As we are in Chile for the moment, dad organised long weekend trip to Argentina, Buenos Aires for 3 of us. First time for as in Argentina – dad is traveling often here and he likes the city. They promised me lots of things to see and do in big city so I am curious about everything.

Hello my new life adventure.

Very strange view from our hotel room.

And very strange choice of my parents for first walk.

Recoleta cemetery, strange, but beautiful, and it is just next to our hotel.

Luckily, this was close to hotel too.

And then this. Museo de los Niños, dreamy place for me.

You might think that I am to small to understand how word works, but trust me, I know everything.

I know what I need to buy.

I have my money.

And I know how use it.

And yes, I might be small. A bit.

But it is ok to be small in this place.

This is place where I can be whatever I wanna be.

Bus driver, why not?

Or I can sell and buy some junk food.

Even if I don’t like it at all.

Baby I can drive your car!

And explore everything.

Or I can live in the yellow submarine.

What this button do?

I can do this. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I can do it.

I can cook for you. In my dreams.

And feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Anyone want some dulce di lecce?

Or this. I can take care of it.

Yes, I can.

Don’t bother, I’m working!

You see?

And you.

And this.

And babies, of course!

I know all about babies!

Testing, testing.

Can you hear me?

I’m gonna tell you everything now.

Then I will record another kid doing it.

Trust me, I know what I’m doing.

We spent couple of hours there. Till today that was best Kids Museum I have ever been. But now I must eat.

Argentinian steak. Not me, of course. But they say it’s delicious.

Same night we are exploring city just a little bit.

We are around Palermo Soho, nice and colourful barrio de Buenos Aires.

Next day we are brainstorming where to go.

Buenos Aires Zoo it is!

Nothing too fancy or big, rather old Zoo, but I saw animals walking around freely.

And it was nice.

And some beautiful snakes. For some reason I like snakes a lot.

Night is gonna be little more fancy!

Real Tango show in fancy restaurant.

No photos of the show allowed, sorry, just me :)

And this is what happens to little girls when they stay out late at night!

Our last day we gonna spend on San Telmo, barrio with restaurants and big flea market.

Funny people around here.

And lots of things!

Actually we bought one of those here. I remember mom complaining all way back home how heavy it is.

And then, tango show on the main plazza.

They were beautiful.

And mom said that they were much much better than show they paid for last night.

Now we know for the next time.

I really hope it’s gonna be next time. I liked Buenos Aires. Nos vemos pronto!