As this time we are exploring just Tokyo, mom found some activities suited just for me.  We are gonna visit some really cool places for kids. First one is Tokyo Dome  in Kōrakuen with TeNQ Space Museum, entertainment facility where you can enjoy the stunning starry skies, the profound cosmos and the culture inspired by the universe.
When we finished with Museum we found  some other cool places inside Dome as its Rollerskating Arena, one of the largest indoor roller skate rink in Tokyo, and there is also a smaller rink for the little kids and other indoor sports facility for bouldering, batting machines & pitching game, and members-only golf driving range. As I wanted to try bouldering, mom did membership for both of us, hoping that we will come back in Tokyo and visit this place again. Here you can find one of the largest bouldering walls in Tokyo,  about 40m wide and about 4m tall. There are training boards such as a moon board with LED lights. This was really fun experience, we loved Tokyo Dome a lot!

Good morning Tokyo Dome!

TeNQ Space Museum is small but interesting place.

There are informations about space and planets with some games.

And some Alien friends.

Astronauts floating in the space.

Even super heroes!

You can walk on the Moon!

Or just lay down.

… hide in the spaceship.

And pretend that you are a real astronaut!

We made some funny photos.

Overall, we spent bit more than one hour here.

Then we found skate rolling rink, really good organised, with different kind of rollers and equipment and not busy at all. Psst.. look at my rollers!

This place is great for kids!

And then, thing that I really wanted to try.

Bouldering walls with different levels of difficulty.

We were alone here.

I tried them all, and I liked it!

It wasn’t easy, but was totally worthy!

Next days, more fun for me. Time for Ueno Zoo!

This is Japan’s oldest zoo, home to around 500 different animals.

This cue here is for the giant pandas for which it is famous. We decided to skip it, because I didn’t want to wait this much to see pandas.

Instead I”m gonna take fake photo. And hug some trees.

And more fake photos.

This is pretty much big area to explore, so be ready to walk… and there you can see Kan’ei-ji’s five-story pagoda, just in the middle of the Zoo.

And Thai Pavilion (Sala Thai) .

Many of the animals here are very cute and rare, and the zoo is always bustling with visitors.

I was thrilled to see flamingos!

But best was this strange bird, Shoebill, native to Africa, that looked fake. It was posing for photos and I think that this might be a real Pokemon!

Great thing was food inside Zoo, so we had quick lunch there.

Very same day we booked Kidzania for me!

If you are not familiar with Kidzania, I suggest to do it asap!

If you ask me, it is best thing for kids on the planet.

Here you can try all kind of jobs and see how that works when you are an adult.

It was Wednesday, and it supposed to be English day – meaning that I can understand my tasks, but it wasn’t actually like that. Trainers were speaking Japanese, and at the beginning it was hard to follow.

But being a kid is a great thing, you can easily adapt, and I took my job seriously.

Really seriously.

At the end of this workshop, we baked small donut.

Next one was Shisheido beauty saloon, girly thing.

Even if it looks like I do understand what they are talking about, trust me, I don’t.

But, I did my job and I had fun.

Next one was big!

I am gastroenterological surgery doctor!

Getting ready for it.

This is not a joke.

Sooo, this looked for real. I was holding camera inside the fake human body..

…And girls were taking out kidney stones.

And finally, job that I did once in Bangkok, a firefighter!

At this point I was already following orders, and repeating in Japanese, counting numbers!

And this is real water and real job!

Afterwards we are getting ready for pro photo shooting.

After this busy busy afternoon, I earned some money.

Kidzania money, of course.

And some medals.

Time to count it and do some shopping in Kidzania souvenir shop.

Being in Tokyo and not visiting cat caffe would be… sad.

And having birthday on international cats day and not loving cats would be even more sad.

So, here we are once again.

You need to know something about these cats. Well, about all cats actually.

Until you don’t have food for them, you are on ignore.

Once, you offer them food, precisely this lollypop, you are BFF.

They are all over you.

Even though, some of them really don’t care.

And some of them are just posing.


Time for cat posing. Meow.

This time, I meet Rie, real Japanese girl, my brothers friend, and my new sister.

And we are all together going to visit Disney Sea!

Last tie it was Disney, this time we went to Disney Sea, place that you can find only in Tokyo!

This place is actually for bit bigger kids and young adults, cause rides here are bit different.

But nevertheless I had some good rides and I specially enjoyed Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage.

This place, just like Disneyland, is enormous.

And this time I realised how many people is around.

I was very excited as I saw much more Disney characters here than in Disneyland.

Patience is the key.

And yes, we had fun!

And i like my new sister Rie.

More fun in Tokyo! Pokemon caffe.

Last time we didn’t have reservation to get to caffe, but this time we did it.

I loved the place.

And food was really fun thing to see.

Not even bad to eat.

But drinks were insane!

And at the end… Pikachu!

Pika Pika!

In souvenir shop there is Pokemon kingdom.

There is really lots of cool places in Tokyo for kids, and this was maybe one of the best. Or not. I don’t know. They were all the best.

This Toy museum has a collection of over 10,000 toys from both Japan and around the world.

This is Wood Toy Forest – This room was filled with the aroma of cypress. A good room for kids of 2.5-6 years. There is a climbing structure where you can play with different wooden toys.

All these toys are made by Japanese artists.

And they are really something. Great thing to practice your skills, like concentration and determination.

My brain was really happy.

Even dad didn’t resist it.

And then, thanks to this old gentleman I had even more fun.

He talked to me on Japanese and explained me how to do things, and trust me, I understood everything.

There were lots of different sections with all kind of toys.

And at some point we noticed that I am the oldest kid here.

There was a ball pit filled with 20,000 wooden balls for little kids and babies.

And then there were some other interesting games.

Not too far away from Toy museum we stopped in brand new 2D Cafe in Shin Okubo neighbourhood.

This is it real, three-dimensional place that looks like a flat illustration.

Everything here is entirely monochrome, with white floors, tables, and chairs.

And at some point I felt like in cartoon.

And that is how Tokyo makes you feel.