It is time to restart to travel,  this is gonna be very busy year for us. We already have some trips planned, and this is a first one. We are going to Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, and my second Scandinavian visit – first one was Iceland. Mom booked this trip last year, and I’ve ben promised to see big amusement park Tivoli, among some other things – parks, castles etc. Well, things didn’t went as we planned, cause park was still closed – they moved opening dates. What a disappointment! Luckily, Copenhagen has many other things to offer, so I didn’t miss anything.

So, hello there! Or Hej -that is how they say it here!

First beautiful thing here was our hotel!


Things are getting just better.

We have private jungle inside!

And the pool!

And I love our room as well.

Now, moving through hotel is bit scary.

So we are getting out to explore.

People here use bicycles a lot.

So I am gonna go around with my empty luggage that has wheels on it like scooter, as I can move faster.

We finished in famous pedestrian promenade Stroget .

It is the street with plenty of stores, large malls, restaurants and cafes.

Of course we are visiting just shops that I like.

That is gonna be our next trip, psssst!

We had some really really good pizzas in the town.

And we did’t know that they are proud of their pizzas.

And then on the way back we realised that Tivoli just looks open. But it is not.

So, back in hotel we are checking for other things that I could do here.

Hotel is just mesmerising,  it is even better at night.

So, first thing we gonna visit is Den blå planet, Northern Europe’s largest aquarium.

It is not secret that we love aquariums, and we visit them often. This one is built 3 years ago and it looks unreal, I’ve never seen something like this!

Not bad inside as well.

Tree different zones inside.

I was was able to touch fishes and starfishes.

And I was exploring under water tunnels.

We visited tropical jungle, it was like real one.

And we learned new things about cockroaches. Brrr!

And then about tarantulas!

Best part was this one!

It was magical.

And here I spent lots of time, talking with rays and sharks.

I took some photos as well.

Beautiful blue planet, I love you!

Second big thing was Experimentarium.

This is science center for kids and it is huge.

Here you can learn while you having fun. And I am now in perfect age for Experimentarium.

I have tried everything.

Some physical laws and principles.

As well , now I know where from oil is coming, and how we take it out.

I have assembled human organs, all of them!

And checked how my skin looks under big microscope.

Here I saw how sea vortex is made.

And what is causing ocean’s currents.

I did some physical work.

And exported and imported some goods from Copenhagen to Asia.

Then I saw exhibition about human’s body.

Not the nicest thing to see.

An a bit scary I must admit.

But it was interesting.

At the end I had fun with lights and sounds.

I realised how different lights are making different colours.

And I was able to mix them.

I played with my shadow.

And then, at the very end – this!

Great place for kids.

In the meantime we visited famous sculpture from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”.

And we walked through famous colourful canal Nyhavn.

It looks exactly like on postcards.

And we visited some parks.

I enjoyed even if it was really cold.

We had some nice dinners.

And drinks by the pool.

Had long walks.

Nice views.

Fun time in hotel room.

And it was *hygge.