This is only major trip that we are doing this year as my parents are very busy. Mom found really cheap tickets for Naples, it is summer, it is hot  and we hope to find some beaches around Naples. We gonna check Pompeii and volcano Vesuvius. I saw lots of volcanos already back in Chile, though I don’t remember, so I am super excited about this one, and a bit scared because they told me that this is only active volcano on mainland Europe, and I think that means that can erupt any time. And that is scary! But let’s go and check, excitement is bigger than fear!

Packed and ready!

Airport selfie!

I haven’t been for a long time in a plane!

Getting to our hotel that has strange collection of cactuses by the way.

And inside strange collection of other things.

And rooftop pool!

This is a must and it really saved us, because Naples is really hot in summer.

And form here you can se Mount Vesuvius clearly.

First thing you must do when you come to Naples is to try Pizza Napoletana. Oh my, that is one huge pizza! But still looks better than thing my dad took. Some strange pizza calzone with shells and beans, authentic napoletan dish.


For next day we have booked tour to Pompeii and Vesuvius.

It was pretty good tour, and I did it pretty well, and biggest worry was if I will be able to walk that much, cause I don’t like to walk at all :)

But we had great guide, we took it easy and I had lot’s of fun actually.

Strange and beautiful place.

And I know this one, from music video that mom showed me back home.

Funny floor tiles made this tour fun for me.

But every now and then break was needed.

Most fascinating thing about this place was the fact that lava covered it and killed everyone while sleeping.

So, this was most impressive thing for me to see.

And bit shocking as well.

This was one big tour for me, but I did it!

It wasn’t easy, but I did it!

And I’ve got nice souvenir.

We gonna make small break before going on the Mount Vesuvius, visit included in this tour as well.

As climbing on Vesuvis would be too much for me, we decided to send mom up and I will wait with dad.

She took photos, so we didn’t miss anything.

We missed just the view from up on Naples.

Next thing included in this tour was lunch in wine yard on the Vesuvius.

I don’t need to mention that I made friendship with tour driver. :)

This was beautiful lunch spot.

With delicious home made pasta with pomodori from this place.

And some souvenirs for mom and dad.

Next day we decided to explore Naples.

And to try most famous pizza in town.

You can”t book this place, but come and wait for table… while we were waiting for it, mom realised that I have fever, so we had to get back to hotel and forget pizza.

My body was exhausted from day before and I needed to rest.

And pizza? They found some other stuff.

Ok, next day we will try to check Naples.

I am taking it easy today.

Italians  do have good food. For that reason tourists are waiting to get some in most famous places. I saw that just here, in Naples.


And again! It’s all about food here!


What can I say?

Now enough with food and Naples, we are having small road trip next day.

From the road we had beautiful panoramic view on Naples and Vesuvius.

We stopped in Ravello, small picturesque town situated above the Amalfi Coast.

That was love at first sight!

We decided to have some drinks and lunch here.

We just couldn’t have enough of this place.

And we explored every single street.

Everything about it was perfect – atmosphere, colours, air….

But most breathtaking thing was this view, hypnotic beauty that made us wanna stay here and not go anywhere anymore.

We couldn’t leave.

But as it got really hot we decided to find some beach on the coast, driving through iconic Amalfitana (Amalfi coast road).

It was a long drive, mostly because road is narrow, and there were lots of cars, so that famous road ride wasn’t so pleasant for us.

We decided to stop in small town on the with beach to refresh.

We had luck, as place wasn’t packed as we expected and we found free sun beds instantly.

We didn’t know name of this place, so we went to explore it a bit.

Turned out that we are in Atrani, small coastal fishing village.

Not so popular like Amalfi, or Positano, and for that reason not so busy with tourists. Lucky us!

We wandered through the narrow, winding streets of dreamy Atrani and we decided to come back here sometime in the future.

Time to leave arrived quickly, so we hit the road again. With most beautiful views ever.

This was most charming part of Italy ever, and we will definitely return one day!